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The History of Merit Pay and Lecturers

Judy Dyer with Kirsten Herold

LEO Matters: Kirsten, was there merit for Lecturers before LEO’s first contract?

Kirsten Herold: Well, in LSA in Ann Arbor there was merit pay for those in the old Lecturer III positions (current LIIIs/LIVs). They were eligible to compete for merit pay from one of two sources: the A funds, which were departmental merit funds, or from the C fund, which were from the Dean’s office and were awarded for really exceptional achievements. The situation was similar in the . . . .


First Day Orientation!

Written by Staff. Posted in Action!

I am a Lecturer: Talking Points for Your Students and Colleagues

There are several positive ways to talk with your students about being a Lecturer.

The first day of class is always busy, but it takes just a minute to tell your students about the great work Lecturers do.  It also helps to wear your LEO button and to include the LEO logo on your syllabus. (Save the image below to your computer and insert it into your syllabus document file. Logo images and these talking-points can also be downloaded in a zip folder.)

Lecturer-Funded Student Scholarships
  • Every year, LEO and AFT Michigan fund several scholarships on all three University of Michigan campuses.

  • Students can use these $1000 scholarships to help offset their tuition.

  • To learn more about eligibility requirements and application deadlines, please go to LEO’s website:

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