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The History of Merit Pay and Lecturers

Judy Dyer with Kirsten Herold

LEO Matters: Kirsten, was there merit for Lecturers before LEO’s first contract?

Kirsten Herold: Well, in LSA in Ann Arbor there was merit pay for those in the old Lecturer III positions (current LIIIs/LIVs). They were eligible to compete for merit pay from one of two sources: the A funds, which were departmental merit funds, or from the C fund, which were from the Dean’s office and were awarded for really exceptional achievements. The situation was similar in the . . . .


Lecturer helps UM students engage with American Roots Music

Written by LEO. Posted in Ann Arbor LEO

"[Students] had no idea this culture was still as vibrant as it was because, to a lot of people, roots music is something that they read about in history books or music books. When you actually get to see that, for a large segment of America's population, this still is how they communicate, it still serves an important social function." -- Bruce Conforth, Lecturer II of American Culture, LSA.

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