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The History of Merit Pay and Lecturers

Judy Dyer with Kirsten Herold

LEO Matters: Kirsten, was there merit for Lecturers before LEO’s first contract?

Kirsten Herold: Well, in LSA in Ann Arbor there was merit pay for those in the old Lecturer III positions (current LIIIs/LIVs). They were eligible to compete for merit pay from one of two sources: the A funds, which were departmental merit funds, or from the C fund, which were from the Dean’s office and were awarded for really exceptional achievements. The situation was similar in the . . . .


AFT President: strong unions make strong families

Written by LEO. Posted in News

From "When Unions Are Strong, Families Are Strong" by Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers (Huffington Post, September 20, 2015):

Republicans have staked out endless signature issues: shutting down the government, vilifying immigrants, denouncing rights like paid sick leave and equal pay because they are "women's issues," privatizing education, and -- wait for it -- obliterating the rights of working people to negotiate together for better wages and benefits that can sustain their families.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently said that our teachers union deserves a "punch in the face." Fellow presidential longshot and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to nationalize his plan to destroy public sector unions. Yet unions are now more popular with Republicans than Christie and Walker are. That's right, the latest polling shows that while Christie and Walker have negligible support among Republican voters (1.5 and 3 percent, respectively), a full 42 percent of Republicans support unions.

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