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AFT Michigan Local 6244, AFL-CIO
  • Celebrate MLK, Celebrate Labor Unions
    Martin Luther King Jr. was an advocate of strong labor unions because he believed in economic justice. Below are some excerpts from an article that show the importance of labor unions to help workers unite and work toward economic and professional respect… ideas and arguments that we are still making today. Unions are attacked because … Continue reading Celebrate MLK, Celebrate Labor Unions
  • Respect Means an Improved Contract for Lecs
    Today and Every Friday: Bargaining from 9 am until 4 or 5 pm. Put it on your weekly schedule…we will only get a strong contract if we show up and demand it (history as well as the current political climate shows this to be true). Sometimes bargaining finishes early but you can come for any … Continue reading Respect Means an Improved Contract for Lecs
  • A Clean Slate
    If you’re anything like me, you have a list of New Years’ resolutions long and complex enough to rival one of those Norwegian crime novels they’re always selling at Costco. (Not that I’ve ever read one. Too busy! Resolutions!) My plans for 2018 include the doable (run three times a week), the ambitious (average an … Continue reading A Clean Slate


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