LEO 2016 election results

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The ballots for the 2016 LEO elections have been counted and certified. The following LEO members have been elected to office:

President Ian Robinson
Vice-President Kirsten Herold
Secretary Rabindar Subbian
Treasurer Joe Walls
Ann Arbor Co-Chair Shelley Manis
Ann Arbor Co-Chair Rob Sulewski
Dearborn Chair Sheryl Edwards
Flint Chair Laura MacIntyre

The Elections Committe thanks LEO members Alan Grafe, Beth Hay, Anne Manuel, and Jonathan McLaughlin for their help in counting the ballots, as well as LEO staff members Gina Liburdi and Matt Oches for helping things run smoothly during the vote count. The Committee also acknowledges the contributions of Gina and Matt, along with two other LEO staff members - Jordan Adams and Brenda Brown - to the work of the Elections Committee, and for not only their hard work but also their insights into the elections process. Finally, a shout-out to Sonya Alvaredo, AFT Michigan Field Representative, who educated us about the laws and best practices governing union elections and advised the Committe as issues arose in the course of this election.

LEO Elections Committee

Netta Berlin, Ann Arbor
Stephanie Gelderloos, Flint
Erin Lavin, Ann Arbor
Marjorie Lynn, Dearborn

Union endorses UM Regent candidates

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Regents Denise Ilitch and Laurence Deitch were nominated as U of M Regents candidates at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention on August 27. LEO has endorsed both these candidates because of their long history of supporting our issues at the University. LEO  officers were at the convention supporting both Ilitch and Deitch.


LEO distributes water in Flint

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On December 12, LEO distributed 576 cases of bottled water at the Harding-Mott University Center on the UM-Flint Campus. The water went to individual Flint residents affected by lead poisonings and community groups and institutions such as Hurley Hospital, Flint Neighborhoods United and the Community Outreach for Family and Youth partnership. Special thanks goes to John Molliasa and Matt Campbell, who recruited students and community members to help with the heavy work of lifting the cases and loading them into cars. Additional thanks goes to everyone who contributed money to support this cause. We reached a wide group of Flint community folks and established relationships with several local politicians. Thank you!


LEO members to meet November 7

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Saturday, November 7, 2015
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
8285 Movie Drive
Brighton, MI


Montgomery Bus Boycott Re-enactment

Friedrich's Supreme Court Case: More Anti-union action

Flint Water Crisis and Michigan Politics

Approval of 2016 Budget Proposal

Vote on Amendments to LEO Constitution: Changes regarding LEO presidency

Campus Meetings: Identifying shared issues & response/action plan

AFT President: strong unions make strong families

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From "When Unions Are Strong, Families Are Strong" by Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers (Huffington Post, September 20, 2015):

Republicans have staked out endless signature issues: shutting down the government, vilifying immigrants, denouncing rights like paid sick leave and equal pay because they are "women's issues," privatizing education, and -- wait for it -- obliterating the rights of working people to negotiate together for better wages and benefits that can sustain their families.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently said that our teachers union deserves a "punch in the face." Fellow presidential longshot and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to nationalize his plan to destroy public sector unions. Yet unions are now more popular with Republicans than Christie and Walker are. That's right, the latest polling shows that while Christie and Walker have negligible support among Republican voters (1.5 and 3 percent, respectively), a full 42 percent of Republicans support unions.

Read the rest.

O'Grady settlement reached

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On Wednesday afternoon, LEO reached an agreement with the University that maintains Michelle O'Grady in active employment status with income through August, pays for her health insurance, enables her to reach eligibility for retirement, and facilitates her application for disability. There are still some details to be worked out regarding what happens after September 1, but the agreement is a huge step forward and a big win for Michelle and LEO.

LEO's Ian Robinson named Unionist of the Year

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Congratulations to long-time LEO member and activist Ian Robinson, who was recognized as Unionist of the Year at last week's Michigan AFL-CIO Convention. Ian had been nominated for the honor by the LEO Union Coucil, based on his his tremendous work over the last year as President of Huron Valley Central Labor Council.

As the newly serving president of the Huron Valley Central Labor Council, Ian has led a powerful resurgence of this Council. Thanks to relationships made through our activities in the AFL-CIO Washtenaw Community Action Team, he was able to pull new locals and internationals into the CLC more than doubling active membership. Under his leadership, the HVCLC has held several organizing retreats for members of the participating locals, with the goals of increasing the organizing skills of participants. Ian is also actively working to create and nurture the relationships necessary to the eventual merging of Michigan’s CLCs into nine chapters.