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Professional Development Funds for Lecturers

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To support the personal and professional growth of lecturers, and to enhance the academic mission of the university, the LEO-UM contract provides a Lecturer Professional Development Fund on each campus. All lecturers not on full layoff are eligible to apply for grants from the fund. The maximum award to a lecturer in an academic year is $900. Decisions about the distribution of awards are made by a committee on each campus.Proposed projects must offer clear benefit for growth and/or innovation in the Lecturer's teaching methods and teaching skills. For more information, visit this page

(See Article XXIV: Professional Development.)

Membership Form and Directions

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The LEO membership form can be downloaded as a PDF file:

Print out the form, fill in your information, and mark whether or not you wish to be a LEO member. Then return the form to LEO.

The printed and completed form should be mailed to

Lecturers' Employee Organization
339 E. Liberty, Suite 340
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Or the form can be faxed to LEO at (734) 995-3733.

Another option is to scan the completed, signed form and email it as an attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Questions?  Contact the LEO office by email or by phone (734 995-1813).

Last updated August 2013.

Dues vs. Service Fee

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The Lecturers’ Employee Organization (LEO) is recognized by the State of Michigan as the sole collective bargaining agent for all non tenure-track faculty (except clinical faculty) who teach at the University of Michigan. Gains achieved in our collective agreements include improved job security, annual wage increases,promotional raises, summer health benefits, and an excellent grievance procedure.

Legal Notice to Bargaining Unit Members

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The following information is provided to you as required by law.

As a lecturer at the University of Michigan, you have the right to become a member of the Lecturers' Employee Organization (LEO) or refrain from becoming a member without fear of reprisal by either LEO or the University. Court rulings over the years have determined that since non-members receive the benefits of the contract and union representation they are required to pay an agency fee. The agency fee is limited to that portion of union dues the Union expends on matters germane to collective bargaining with the employer.


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Dear Lecturer:

bonnie closeupOn behalf of the University of Michigan and the Lecturers’ Employee Organization, welcome to the University and to LEO, the union that represents all non-tenure track faculty. As this may be your first time teaching at the University, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to LEO.

In 2001 lecturers began organizing a union to address a series of ongoing employment concerns. On the top of the list was the extremely low pay for lecturers relative to tenured faculty, and the total lack of job security, even after years of service at the University. Over an eight month period between 2003 and 2004

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