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Legal Notice to Bargaining Unit Members

Posted in Membership Information

The following information is provided to you as required by law.

As a lecturer at the University of Michigan, you have the right to become a member of the Lecturers' Employee Organization (LEO) or refrain from becoming a member without fear of reprisal by either LEO or the University. Court rulings over the years have determined that since non-members receive the benefits of the contract and union representation they are required to pay an agency fee. The agency fee is limited to that portion of union dues the Union expends on matters germane to collective bargaining with the employer.

The following are examples of expenditures that are chargeable to a non-member:

a) All expenses concerning the negotiation of agreements, practices, and working

b) All expenses concerning the administration of agreements, practices, and working
conditions as well as grievance handling and arbitration regarding working conditions,
benefits, and contractual rights;

c) Normal union internal governance and management expenses;

d) Social activities and union business meeting expenses;

e) Publication expenses to the extent coverage is related to chargeable activities;

f) Litigation expenses related to contract administration, collective bargaining rights and
internal governance;

g) Expenses for legislative, executive branch, and administrative agency representation
on legislative and regulatory matters related to contract ratification or the
implementation of contracts;

h) Expenses for the education and training of members, officers, and staff intended to
prepare the participants to better perform chargeable activities;

i) A proportional share of all overhead and administrative expenses.

The following are examples of expenditures that are not chargeable to non-members:

a) Expenses related to community service activities of the Union;

b) Expenses incurred in legislative activity not related to the contract ratifications or to
the implementation of contracts;

c) The non-chargeable portion of AFT & AFT Michigan per ca[pita. The AFT & AFT Michigan send an annual notice to locals of what percentage of per capita is non-chargeable;

d) The costs of affiliating with organizations other than the AFT & AFT Michigan;

e) Expenses related to the direct support of political candidates, PAC expenditures and
contributions to ballot questions.

A bargaining unit member who objects to the amount of the service fee must present a written objection to LEO within 60 days of the beginning of the term. The failure to present an objection waives the right to do so. A timely filed challenge to the union's determination of chargeable and non-chargeable expenses will be resolved by resorting to the union's internal objections process.

While the objection is pending, the union will hold, in an interest bearing escrow account, that portion of the fees that are reasonably in dispute. In the event that it is determined that the objector is entitled to a greater reduction if fees than that calculated by the union, and additional check will be issued at the close of the objection procedure for the balance of the reduction in fees.