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Dues vs. Service Fee

Posted in Membership Information

The Lecturers’ Employee Organization (LEO) is recognized by the State of Michigan as the sole collective bargaining agent for all non tenure-track faculty (except clinical faculty) who teach at the University of Michigan. Gains achieved in our collective agreements include improved job security, annual wage increases,promotional raises, summer health benefits, and an excellent grievance procedure.

The salary increases and benefits eligibility gains made by an organized and determined LEO membership exceed the dues expense by many times over.

These gains go to all faculty in our bargaining unit, whether or not they are members of the union. Members pay dues and are able to participate fully in LEO and its democratic decision making. Members may vote in elections, on referenda and to ratify collective agreements. They have a voice in deciding the annual plan and budget. Members help guide the union through their work on its committees—such as bargaining, finance and grievance—and may also serve as stewards or hold office in LEO.

Non-members have none of these rights. Yet because non-members benefit from union efforts, the LEO-UM contract requires them to pay a service fee to LEO. This fee is slightly lower than the union dues paid by members. (Also see the Legal Notice to Bargaining Unit Members.)

LEO members have approved the following percentages for member dues and non-member service fee:

Dues 1.6% of gross pay
Service Fee 1.33% of gross pay



For a lecturer grossing $3,000 a month, the difference between dues and service fee is $8.10 per pay check. That's 27 cents a day saved, but at what cost? To join LEO, download and complete the authorization form today!