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AFT Michigan Local 6244, AFL-CIO
  • Video: U of M Lecs Fight for a Fair Contract
    THIS THURSDAY the U of M Regents vote on whether or not to pass the President’s budget. Share this video WIDELY to let the people with the pursestrings know that people far and wide are watching the decisions they make about where to spend their money!
  • VIDEO: Dearborn & Flint Students Speak Up
    In this video about LEO’s contract bargaining, students from Dearborn and Flint ask WHY the U continues to financially starve the campuses with our most diverse student bodies. Check it out, and share WIDELY–we want the people with the pursestrings to know that we’re watching the decisions they make on the budget this week!  
  • University of Michigan Donors – ACT NOW!
    Anyone who regularly donates or has ever donated to the University of Michigan has power to help us get a fair contract. This letter provides two templates: 1) a letter for you to reach out to potential donors whom you might know, and 2) a template for you and them to reach out to the … Continue reading University of Michigan Donors – ACT NOW!


LEO Election Notice

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According to the LEO constitution, the Union is to hold elections for officers every two years. The date of the next election is September 30, 2016.

Offices up for election are President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The duties of each office are articulated in Article XII of LEO’s constitution, which can be found at Any LEO member in good standing is invited to run.

Ann Arbor Collegiate Lecturers announced

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Congratulations to the 2015 Collegiate Lecturers for the Ann Arbor campus. They are

Jim Burnstein, Screen Arts and Cultures, LSA

Mark Brehob, Lecturer IV, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Engineering

Louis Cicciarelli, Lecturer II, SCW, LSA

Join LEO Today!

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If you're ready to join LEO, get the authorization form, print it, and follow the directions to complete it and send it in today.

If you aren't ready yet, read on!

LEO was founded in 2003 and has successfully concluded two Collective Bargaining Agreements with the University (the most recent in 2007). Gains include improved job security, annual wage increases, promotional raises, expanded benefits, and an excellent grievance procedure, all to benefit the University's non tenure-track faculty in Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint.

Before LEO, only a minority of lecturers received annual pay increases. Now every lecturer does.

Web Site Registration

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Are you a LEO member? Register to leave comments and view members-only content!

Creating an account is easy! Simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In your email, indicate that you are a LEO member seeking a username and password for the web site. Please include your university department and campus. 

Who We Are

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Our students often call us “professor,” but our real job titles have been varied: “lecturer,” “adjunct lecturer,” “adjunct assistant professor,” or any of a dozen others. Now, under our contract with the university, we are all lecturers.

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