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Article examines racist history of right-to-work laws

Written by LEO. Posted in Political

". . . unions have a powerful interest in reducing racial discrimination and animus because racial hostility inhibits worker solidarity and union organizing. Southern segregationists knew this, which is why they eagerly signed on to right-to-work efforts to weaken unions in the middle part of the twentieth century." -- Richard D. Kahlenberg and Moshe Z. Marvit

Read The Ugly Racial History of "Right to Work" in Dissent, December 2012.

LEO and GEO presidents call for yes vote on amendment

Written by Staff. Posted in Political

Protect working families by protecting collective bargaining rights.  Bonnie Halloran and Kathryn Frank. AnnArbor.Com. August 19, 2012:

It is no coincidence that in the same four decades that collective bargaining has been eroded by anti-labor legislation, income inequality has soared, public education has been systematically de-funded, and austerity budgets now threaten the basic services that keep our communities safe and productive. That’s why this amendment is vital, not only to our economy, but to the quality of life of all Michiganders. Help protect collective bargaining and protect good jobs: vote yes when this initiative is on the ballot this November. 

Anti-Prop 2 side swings wildly, misses

Written by Super User. Posted in Political

jim closeup w nameWhen you are campaigning against a proposal that would protect and extend the middle-class in Michigan by guaranteeing the right to collective bargaining, you need to spend big and get creative.  

According to recent reports from the Michigan Information & Research Service (MIRS News), this is exactly what is happening as the corporate interests arranged against Prop 2 realize that most voters believe workers having some rights is a good thing. 

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